Model: 30 Degrees against a thunder cloud. Built for strength and beauty.

Tryon Elementary School Facebook Posting

Tryon Elementary School loves the crystal mobiles that are hanging on campus. The staff and children are captivated by their beauty. These magnificent pieces of art work will bring joy and fascination for years to come! 5 Stars

North Carolina Mountain Home Facebook Posting

I love my crystal mobile on this beautiful sunny day. Perfect. Great display of different colored lights reflecting. Skip is a pleasure to deal with and very talented artist. This is a great gift for anyone. I bought one for myself. Very pleased with product. Thank you Mr Skip.   

5 Stars

Pennsylvania Woodland Retreat Home Facebook Posting

I’m so excited to have received a gift of this beautiful crystal mobile for Mother’s Day! My daughter knows how much time we spend sitting on the porch in the summer and how we will delight in this work of art. Thank you, Skip!  5 Stars

High Mountain Home in North Carolina

A Wonderful Gift. Received our mobile as a Christmas gift. Left it out all winter (super tough). Lovely when the snow is falling.

Hendersonville, NC Facebook Posting

These crystal mobiles are beautiful creations, designed and crafted by an unusually talented artist. Made of lead crystal and stainless steel they are made to tolerate Mother Nature’s moodiness. A lovely blend of strength and delicate artistry.  Skip’s Crystal Mobiles are beautiful and unusual creations. So much creative thought and fine craftsmanship are integrated in to each of these lovely (and lively!) examples of artistic talent. I am so fortunate to have been the recipient of such a striking piece of work by a very special artist. 

Facebook posting about a video we posted

Beautiful creations -- God's and Skip's.  (a Pastor's wife remarks)