Skip Williams at Studio Twenty-Eight-Eighty-Two

Crystal Mobiles Sculpture Artist Skip Williams

My Arts Background

Born to a family of artists, but made a career in the Army. Now at this juncture in life I am back to the Arts.

I have a natural love of refracted light and the randomness of mobiles.


You too will enjoy this abstract art and light in constant motion. You will find the Crystal Mobiles refracted rainbow of light plays delight to your visual senses. 

Crystal Mobile model: 30 Degrees against a striking sunset. Stainless Steel and 30% Lead Crystal - winning combination.

My Medium - Lead Crystal and Stainless Steel

My Crystal Mobiles Prisms are made from the finest materials for superior clarity and luminosity. When lead is added to glass it raises the Prisms Reflective Index. Lead also raises the Dispersion Index, which measures the degree to which a medium separates light into its component color spectra.

I use only the best 308L & 316L Stainless Steel for the Mobile array to support the Prisms. You should have years of enjoyment from these abstract art Mobiles

Crystal Mobiles are built to withstand the rigors of Winter Weather.

My Inspiration - The Rainbow and Light Colored Music

Living at 2,882 ft elevation, with a view to the horizon, provides a different perspective of life.... Rainbows abound! It is a great place for a creative Design Studio.


Like sweet notes of guitar music, you will find the light glints from Lead Crystal Mobiles flash and linger delighting your eyes. 

Enjoy an Outdoor Lead Crystal Mobile all seasons of the year at your home, beach, lakeside or mountain.